What do we do

We offer an electric bicycle rental service in the city of Medellin, so that residents and visitors can move around our city in a different, easy, economic and eco-Friendly way.


We are a company committed to the satisfaction of our customers, offering them a unique city experience. We develop our activity in a framework of commitment to society to sensitize the use of alternative means of transport (Bicycle) as the main model of mobility and sustainability.


To be a reference company in the sector of sustainable mobility, which is distinguished by the positive contribution to society.


To act with veracity and rectitude within the company, encouraging open communications, making good use of resources avoiding waste, misuses, or illegal acts.

To assume the consequences of the acts and their results, with commitment and honesty. Assume in a responsible way the job and interpersonal relationships with their colleagues. We all have to acquire habits oriented towards sustainability, looking for the common good and with a marked sense of duty. We must be aware of the consequences of our activity and its resonance in our interest groups.

Abide by the rules of coexistence, take care of their personal hygiene and image, admit differences and be tolerant with others, being fair and respectful with co-workers and clients.

To build trust in such a way that everyone can be honest and express their positions. When there is confidence, the criticisms are constructive.

It is the ethical and moral responsibility of each member of our team, understanding the mission of the company and interiorizing it in the conduct within the company. Have a sense of belonging by the company, which will generate a good work environment, give the best of each one and contribute to the achievement of the goals.

We are grateful for the business we have built together and the opportunities this has given us. That’s why we work hard to communicate that gratitude to our team, our buyers and our partners.


Orientation towards Customer Service:

To promote the relationship of long-term trust with customers, having an attitude of respect and offering quality services based always on innovation, with the aim of always satisfying the needs of our customers.


Joint skills of the members of the company to achieve the objectives and expected results of the organization efficiently.

Close relationship with the community, suppliers and the environment:

The constant concern for the welfare of people and the environment are fundamental for MedEbike, always thinking of a prosperous future in every aspect.

Treat others as you would like to be treated:

If you treat all people, now and always, as you would like to be, it will generate an environment of respect.


Life is too short to not love what you do, the reason why you do it and with whom you do it. You cannot wait for an event to arrive and be your destination. Our purpose is that we are all doing something we love.

What make us different?


We offer you the opportunity to join the city of Medellin in a pleasant, original, fun and without getting tired knowing the past and present of Medellin, traveling on the roads designed for bicycles. We take you through different neighborhoods of the city, where you can meet its residents, parks, cultures, recreational spaces, museums, streets, cafes, among others. Independently or with a guide you will be able to visit the emblematic places or simply places with ease and affordability without fatigue.